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This membership is a group of similar client based services whom have been screened and vetted. Many members are part of a larger group of business networking services.
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Below are just some of the examples of Marketing Materials we provide to our members.
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New Members Welcome!
· Not getting the number of leads you used to?
· Not speaking with the clients that you would like to?
· Wasting a lot of time talking to poor referrals with no interest in utilizing your services?
· Tired of losing clients to lesser or unqualified competition?
· Not getting the desired results from your marketing and advertising dollars?
We Advocate, Promote and Create Business for One Another
You have expressed interest in participating in one of the most exclusive and diverse service and product alliances to date.  This group benefits from the advantages and uniqueness of promoting themselves collaboratively as a collective – San Diego Home and Personal Service Alliance.  The concept is simple; as a group we can jointly promote our complementary services to a wider range of potential alliances, associations and clients at a substantial reduction in time and expense.  The prospects are limitless and the results forthcoming.  
This group engages in long term commitment and accountability, provides marketing materials and involves minimal time and expense investment.  The power of many outweighs the individual.  It's simply a numbers game.  The more we help each other get in front of potential clients, the better our odds are at improving our bottom lines.
This core group largely represents the most commonly utilized and requested services and products for home and personal use.     
The concept is simple… we offer services to similar based clientele and personally promote our respective services and representative members as a whole.  We provide a web based and social informational marketing medium along with individual support and hand out materials.  We also provide informative, provocative and intuitive seminars and workshops exploring sale and business practices, and market potentials and strategies.    
Benefits: As part of the alliance you will have the opportunity to improve your bottom line.

· Introduction to other members' client base.
· Contact with current member marketing and referral networks.
· Shared networking and membership fees for expanded client exposure.
· Increase opportunity for additional alliance collaboration.
· Broad exposure to a potential client base not otherwise available.
· Possibility for co-operative promotional and marketing venues not otherwise affordable.
· Exponential opportunity toward pre-qualified consumers.
· Improved potential for Customer Relation Management (CRM).
Membership:  Business must be established for a minimum of 2 years.
· Annual membership - $150.00 plus one-time $25.00 processing fee. 
· 2 year membership - $250.00 plus one-time $25.00 processing fee.
· Up to three services per category are allowed for comparative analysis.
· Your business card and title information will be listed on the site.
· Please provide in 50 words or less:  A general description for your business in a format that is familiar to your customer.  In other words, what and how they would be searching for your service on the internet.  This information will be associated with keyword analysis for search engine optimization.  Your submissions will be posted as we receive them.
Enjoy concepts and benefits listed above including website listing with keyword analysis, limited supply of color brochures, presentation folders and business cards for hand-outs.  Displays and additional hand-outs available at minimal cost.     
Note: All membership fees are applied to marketing and promotional materials and interests. 
One of the most cost effective and efficient means of circulating your service or product and getting the message into the hands of the end user! 
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San Diego Home and Personal Service Alliance….. for professionals who really care!
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